November 8, 2017

turboDial’s Support Services

Have you checked out the support pages at Here’s what you can expect to find there:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section provides fast answers for the most common issues. Checking here first when a challenge arises can be a quick and efficient way for you or your team to troubleshoot.

The FAQ support page contains 25 helpful categories of questions that might come up as you use turboDial.

Guides & Videos

There are dozens of different features available in turboDial, and you will often need detailed, how-to instructions to use them to your greatest advantage. Those instructions can be found in the Guides & Videos section under the Support Menu at The following video is one example of what you can find there:

There are many other examples covering subjects such as: List Dialing, SMS Text Messaging, Inbound Calls, and also the optional Add-On features that are available with turboDial.

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