Certified Consultants

The following consultants are Infusionsoft Certified and turboDial Certified, and have proven expertise in helping their clients achieve the full power of Infusionsoft and turboDial working together. These consultants are the “cream of the crop” in the Infusionsoft community so their time is often over-booked. Feel free to contact them to inquire about openings in their schedule to help with your project.

Kokoro Marketing

Phone: +1 530-203-5703

Cindy Zuelsdorf (literally) grew up in one of the highest pressure business environments – broadcast television. In an industry fueled by high-touch, face-to-face relationships, she cut her teeth selling tech to companies ranging from NBC to NASA. After decades learning things the old-school way, Cindy discovered sales and marketing automation and began using new systems for repeatability and success.

Fast forward to the present, Cindy and her company Kokoro Marketing help small and medium size high tech businesses do the same. Kokoro’s specialty lies in the rare skill of taking scattered technical platforms and transforming them into a cohesive, finely tuned, time-saving, revenue generating engine – all while keeping the ‘human-to-human’ approach intact. Cindy’s book “7 Marketing Basics” recently hit #1 on the new release chart in Amazon’s marketing for small business category.

Kokoro Marketing provides marketing services and automated marketing systems so that you (and your key people) are freed up to do what you do best. Or they’ll guide you / teach you so you can do marketing automation in-house.

Austin Moorhead

Phone: +1 503-966-2319

Insurance Broker turned into automation geek. Austin has been the lead coach inside The Insurance Tribe to 400+ Insurance Agency Owners for the past 2 years. The I.AM.AUTOMATION classes have been setting industry standards both in practicality and in performance. Austin’s clients have seen major revenue increases month after month. Agents who struggle to write 20,000 in premium per month, can consistently write 50,000+ in premium per month, after having gone through Austin’s course.

Specialties: Insurance and Mortgage Industries.