Certified Consultants

The following consultants are Infusionsoft Certified and turboDial Certified, and have proven expertise in helping their clients achieve the full power of Infusionsoft and turboDial working together. These consultants are the “cream of the crop” in the Infusionsoft community so their time is often over-booked. Feel free to contact them to inquire about openings in their schedule to help with your project.

Prior Marketing Solutions

Phone: +1-760-579-3749
Skype: priormarketing
Location: Reno, NV

Prior Marketing Solutions specializes in funnel development, sales automation, lead management and membership site development. On top of providing automation solutions, we also have extensive experience building, re-organizing and recruiting talent for multi-million dollar telesales teams. And we have built several 6 figure per-month lead generation funnels for high profile clients.

Certifications: Infusionsoft Certified Partner, turboDial Certified Consultant, PlusThis Certified Partner, Memberium Certified Partner, Digital Marketer Certified Funnel Expert, Digital Marketer Optimization & Testing Specialist, Digital Marketer Customer Value Optimization Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist

Austin Moorhead

Phone: +1 503-966-2319

Insurance Broker turned into automation geek. Austin has been the lead coach inside The Insurance Tribe to 400+ Insurance Agency Owners for the past 2 years. The I.AM.AUTOMATION classes have been setting industry standards both in practicality and in performance. Austin’s clients have seen major revenue increases month after month. Agents who struggle to write 20,000 in premium per month, can consistently write 50,000+ in premium per month, after having gone through Austin’s course.

Specialties: Insurance and Mortgage Industries.

Kelsey Bratcher

Website: Hired Gun Solutions
Phone: +1 480-270-4691

The Official Infusionsoft Partner of Brian Young from Home Painters Toronto Small Business ICON and Ultimate Marketer 2015. Kelsey “The King” Bratcher has been a World Class Infusionsoft Consultant for small businesses since 2008 and is a former Infusionsoft Employee. He has racked up over 13,000 hours of consulting and implementation by working with 1000s of small businesses. Hired Gun Solutions works exclusively with service based businesses that sell through people and demand the most from Infusionsoft.

Specialties: Residential House Painters, Real Estate, Attorneys, Home Improvement Businesses, service based businesses, local businesses.

Christian Wiles

Automate Today

Phone: +1-804-767-7281
Skype: christian.wiles – If you contact via Skype be certain to reference turboDial. I don’t accept random skype contacts.
Location: Glen Allen, VA

Digital Marketing to Move the Masses. We use today’s digital marketing strategy, implementation, and optimization to dominate your market.
Make your prospects aware, let them evaluate, watch them convert. From concept to implementation, we get it done so you get results.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Website: Larry Jacob Internet Marketing
Phone: +1 305 815 5811
Jorge and his team have been serving the Infusionsoft community with their website and Infusionsoft consulting services for over 4 years. Because of Jorge’s extensive experience in sales, supporting sales organization and working with call center teams, he has developed an understanding for what sales teams need and what makes them most effective. This understanding and expertise using Infusionsoft’s sales automation features have enabled them to develop best practices, which include turboDial, that improve sales team performance and the results they are able to deliver for this business.

Bill Crawford

Bill Crawford

Website: Rainmaker Internet Marketing
Phone: +1 630-929-7246

Rainmaker Internet Marketing, based in the suburbs of Chicago, is a Google, Infusionsoft, and Hubspot Certified Partner. Rainmaker has been a big fan of turboDial from the first days of its release. Rainmaker is a full service internet marketing agency and a two time first place winner of Google’s All-Star Summit, 2013 and 2015. We love helping entrepreneurs succeed. We are committed to giving you the best return on investment for your advertising dollars spent. If you want to grow your business on the Internet efficiently and effectively, give us a call for a free consultation.

Specialties: Home improvement businesses, service based businesses, local businesses.

Karin Carroll 150x184

Karin Carroll

Phone: +1-805-500-8365

Karin “met and fell in love with” Infusionsoft in 2012, and after working in and on the application, and recognizing the potential, became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner in 2014. She is originally from South Africa, where she was first introduced to computer science, and discovered her passion for improving processes inside technology platforms. Since its launch, turboDial has become part of the arsenal that she uses to make work more productive, fun and easy for anyone who uses Infusionsoft. With a real estate background, licensed in Florida since 2005, Karin has helped some of the most influential and successful real estate teams to optimize their Infusionsoft applications for success, but continues to strive to serve anyone she can with the experience that she has accumulated since that happy introduction in 2012.


Andy Hunne

Phone: +61 7 3555 7525

The Elysium Systems team get you up and running fast, letting Infusionsoft take care of the heavy lifting, while you focus on growing your business.  An ex-sailor who left the Navy to settle down “many years ago”, Andy transformed his own finance business with Infusionsoft in 2012.  Seeing the opportunity to help other Small Businesses owners led to the formation of Elysium Systems.  His background in enterprise IT and sales allows him to sit down with a business owner and quickly translate aspirations and goals into an actionable project.  Based in sunny Queensland and working with clients all over the world, calming the chaos and connecting the dots is what Andy and the team do to help take your Small Business Further, Faster.