Ringless Voice Mail

Send Voice Mail messages from an Infusionsoft Campaign – you have the option to upgrade your turboDial account to enable this “Ringless Voice Mail” feature. With it you can use an HTTP POST in any campaign sequence to automatically send your recorded voice message directly to a Contact’s voice mailbox without calling them.

With Ringless Voice Mail turboDial skips the phone call and sends your recorded voice message to your Contact’s mobile phone voice mailbox. It’s a great solution when you need to get a personal message to multiple Contacts without interrupting their day or tying yourself up on the phone making calls.

The Ringless Voice Mail upgrade price is $10/month and that covers all Users in your turboDial account. You can find the upgrade button in your account at .

Note that this Ringless Voice Mail add-on is not intended for sending to very large audiences. You can send about 180 voice mails per hour with no risk of encountering queuing limits.