Campaign SMS

Send SMS messages from an Infusionsoft Campaign – you have the option to upgrade your turboDial account to enable this “Campaign SMS” feature. With it you can use an HTTP POST in any campaign sequence to automatically send an SMS text message.

Campaign SMS is a great way to automatically start the communication immediately when your prospect or customer has taken some action – for example, when they submit a web form. And these automatic messages work just like the other SMS text messages from turboDial – replies are immediately routed to a person in your company allowing them to engage a conversation in real-time with the prospect.

You can also use Campaign SMS to send a URL link and then trigger a goal in your campaign when that link is clicked.

The Campaign SMS upgrade price is $10/month and that covers all Users in your turboDial account. You can find the upgrade button in your account at .

Note that this Campaign SMS add-on is not able to accommodate a large volume of SMS messages. If you need a high volume, you should also consider the Local Presence add-on in conjunction with Campaign SMS.