March 6, 2015

Use SMS During Calls!

With turboDial Sales Pro you can send an SMS to your prospect even while you are talking to them on a call using turboDial.

Why would you want to do that?

If your phone conversation has progressed to the point where your prospect has agreed to take the next step it is best to have them take that step while you are still on the call rather than hoping they will remember after the call hangs up to take the action you agreed to. Honestly, at least 30% of your prospects will never come back and take the action they agreed to either because they forgot, got busy, or just didn’t recover the motivation they had when they were talking to you.

So, if the “next step” you want them to take is signing up on a web form or booking an appointment, use an SMS text message to send that link to their smartphone. Their smartphone will make that link clickable and they can click it right then and fill out the form that appears on their phone.

This even works if they’re using that same smartphone for the phone conversation they’re having with you!

Now your chances to move the deal forward just got a lot better!

Watch this short video to see it all demonstrated:

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