November 10, 2017

Quick Links To Internal Forms

Internal Forms

Is your business using Internal Forms in Infusionsoft? Read on to find out how turboDial just made this feature more convenient.

Internal forms are quick ways to gather information about your customers and can be used to trigger automation in your campaigns.

turboDial has recently added access to Internal Forms in the Quick Links section on your turboDial Panel.

Quick Links In turboDial

Quick Links are a row of links below the contact information that can be clicked to open new windows such as: the contact record (first number), to create a new task (check mark), to create a new opportunity (dollar sign) etc…

turboDial has now added customizable link options that can be configured at the end of the row to allow instant access to the Internal Forms you have built in Infusionsoft.

For example, you might have an Internal Form to collect information for contacts who are “Buyers” and another Internal Form for those who are “Sellers”. In the above image, “B” is the quick link to the Buyer Internal Form and “S” is the quick link to the Seller Internal Form.

Continuing with that example, when B is clicked, the following form will open:

Internal Forms can be highly effective and efficient ways to gather and update contact information. turboDial now makes it easier than ever for your agents to access your Internal Forms.

For more information on how to set up and customize your Quick Links, look here.

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