November 8, 2017

Call Outcome Automation

Is achieving consistent and reliable follow up an important part of your business?

turboDial’s deep integration with Infusionsoft allows automation to take care of many of the follow-up tasks required of your team.

Making good use of turboDial’s Call Outcome Automation feature will help ensure important follow up is happening. Here are some of the ways Call Outcome Automation can work for you:

  • Call Outcome Automation can be used to apply and remove tags. For example, to move a contact from one list to another.
  • It can be used to trigger a campaign to send a follow up email or SMS after a missed call.
  • It can be used to assign a task within your team.
  • Call Outcome Automation can move an opportunity stage.

By making use of turboDial’s call outcome automation tools, you ensure consistent and accurate follow up while relieving your team of these tasks during their busy day.

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