zAbout the Hot Leads Features -

turboDial is a personal communicator that enables interactive conversations with your Infusionsoft contacts – conversations using phone calls and text messaging.

But when is the best time make the call or send the text?

The answer: Your best chance of reaching an interested prospect is immediately when

  • They submit a web form
  • They click a link
  • They open your campaign email
  • They achieve a target Lead Score
  • They send you a text message

And that is why you need the Hot Leads feature.

Watch these video introductions to the Hot Leads feature:

This powerful feature includes 4 key capabilities to help you and your team take immediate action based on the online activity of your prospects and customers (Leads):

  • Hot Lead Alerts – when any Contact achieves a selected Goal in an Infusionsoft campaign an alert notification and a chime will be displayed on the turboDial panel of every User in your account, or for a chosen group of Users.
  • Text Message Alerts – any inbound reply you receive to an SMS text message sent outbound from turboDial will be displayed and chimed right on the turboDial panel of the User it is intended for.
  • Hot Lead Calls – start an immediate turboDial phone call from your phone to the Lead.
  • Email Open Tagging – automatically apply a tag when your prospect opens your email. Use that tag to trigger any automation, including start a Hot Lead Call or send a Hot Lead Alert !!!


When you add Hot Leads to turboDial your base subscription fee will be increased by $10.00 per month and the fee for each additional User authorized in your turboDial account will be increased by $5/month (with discounts for more than 10 Users). So, for example if you have 3 total Users in turboDial, the Hot Leads upgrade will cost $10 for the first and $5 for the second and third, for a total of $20 per month.

You can find the upgrade button in your account at .