How turboDial Works

What’s Required?

FireFox or Chrome

Firefox is our recommended browser, and turboDial also supports Chrome. The turboDial Linker extension is available for both.

Other browsers are not supported at this time.

Twilio Account

turboDial places phone calls and sends text messages using the services of Twilio. Twilio’s advanced voice over IP network allows you to reach any land line or mobile phone at a low cost – starting about 2 cents/minute with no monthly fee or contract.

You will directly own your Twilio account and unlike other dialer solutions turboDial will not mark-up the voice minute pricing from Twilio – you’ll pay their wholesale price for voice minutes and text messages. Twilio is a best-in-class voice over IP telephony network provider.

The turboDial sign up wizard will help you start the Twilio account and once you have it everything else happens in turboDial.

How It Works

After signing up for turboDial and Twilio, you simply install a plug-in extension into your Firefox or Chrome browser. That extension will place the turboDial button on every Contact and Opportunity in your Infusionsoft account giving you direct access to turboDial just where you need it.

When you make a call with turboDial it automatically leaves a Note on the contact to document the call occurred. You can add your own details to the Note right from the turboDial window. There are many more features – check them all out here.