Hot Lead Calls

turboDial is a personal communicator that enables interactive conversations with your Infusionsoft contacts – conversations using phone calls and text messaging.

But when is the best time make the call or send the text?

The answer: Your best chance of reaching an interested prospect is immediately when

  • They submit a web form
  • They click a link
  • They open your campaign email
  • They achieve a target Lead Score
  • They send you a text message

And that is why you need the Hot Lead Calls feature.

Watch this video introduction to the Hot Lead Calls feature:

This powerful feature includes 2 key capabilities to help you and your team take immediate action based on the online activity of your prospects and customers (Leads):

  • Hot Lead Calls – start an immediate turboDial phone call from your phone to the Lead.
  • Email Open Tagging – automatically apply a tag when your prospect opens your email. Use that tag to trigger any automation, including start a Hot Lead Call or send a Hot Lead Alert !!!


When you add Hot Lead Calls to turboDial your base subscription fee will be increased by $10.00 per month. So, if your current price for turboDial is $29.95 per month, your new price will be $39.95. There is no additional fee per User for Hot Lead Calls.

You can find the upgrade button in your account at .