Hot Lead Calls

turboDial is a personal communicator that enables interactive conversations with your Infusionsoft contacts – conversations using phone calls and text messaging.

But when is the best time make the call or send the text?

The answer: Your best chance of reaching an interested prospect is immediately when

  • They submit a web form
  • They click a link
  • They open your campaign email
  • They achieve a target Lead Score
  • They send you a text message

And that is why you need the Hot Lead Calls feature. This powerful feature will start an immediate turboDial phone call from your phone to the Lead when it’s the best time for a call.

Watch this video introduction to the Hot Lead Calls feature:



When you add Hot Lead Calls to turboDial your base subscription fee will be increased by $10.00 per month. So, if your current price for turboDial is $29.95 per month, your new price will be $39.95. There is no additional fee per User for Hot Lead Calls.

You can find the upgrade button in your account at .