Hot Lead Alerts -

Hot Lead Alerts can help you and your team take immediate action based on the online activity of your prospects and customers (Leads):

  • Hot Lead Alerts – when any Contact achieves a selected Goal in an Infusionsoft campaign an alert notification and a chime will be displayed on the turboDial panel of every User in your account, or for a chosen group of Users.

Watch this video demonstration of two features: Hot Lead Alerts and SMS Alerts.
Note that SMS Alerts is enabled when you upgrade to the Enhanced Inbound add-on, and Hot Lead Alerts is available as it’s own upgradable add-on.



When you add Hot Lead Alerts to turboDial your base subscription fee will not be changed but the fee for each User authorized in your turboDial account will be increased by $5/month (with discounts for > 10 Users). So, for example if you have 3 total Users in turboDial the Hot Lead Alerts upgrade will increase your turboDial additional users subscription fee by $15.00 per month.

You can find the upgrade button in your account at .