turboDial Signup

Signup for turboDial!

When you click the NEXT button you'll be guided through three simple steps:

  1. Register your Infusionsoft account.
    You must already have an Infusionsoft account and we'll validate your Infusionsoft ID email address.
  2. Get a Twilio account...
    and authorize turboDial to use it.
    You must have a paid Twilio account, not just a trial. Find more info here.
    When you create your Twilio account you will provide a credit card and they will setup a $20.00 prepaid balance to charge your voice minutes and text messages against. If you already have a paid Twilio account you can just use that one instead of creating a new one. If your existing Twilio account is a "Free" account you must upgrade it by installing a credit card. Click here to learn more about Twilio.
        Check this box to indicate you have read this section 😊
  3. Install the turboDial extension into your browser.
    This is the piece that puts the turboDial button onto every contact in Infusionsoft.
  Informed Consent: I give consent to use information provided to send additional emails and communication as described in the Privacy Policy

That's it - you'll be making calls very soon now!

Provide your Contact and Infusionsoft Details

** CRITICAL ** Use the email address you use to sign in to Keap
Optional: Add the Infusionsoft ID email address for the person administering this setup process, if different than the account owner.
    Check this box to reduce emails to the account owner during the trial.
We may need to send important account alerts to your phone
turboDial works in most countries
Choose a city in your time zone
http:// .infusionsoft.com
Enter enter only the App Name portion of your Keap account address. Example: If your Keap account is http://ab123.infusionsoft.com then your App Name is ab123. If you don't have Keap Max Classic then find your "Current App" in the Settings window in Keap.
Find your Legacy API Key in Keap Max Classic in the API Settings menu of your Profile, or click this link to find it in other versions. Open a new tab in your browser if you need to login to Keap.

Connect to Twilio

Choose Option A unless you have been instructed to choose B:

  A - I have a Twilio account that I want to use, or I can sign up for one now.

  B - I don't want turboDial to access my primary Twilio account (please be sure you are logged out of it)

With this option you will get a new Twilio account (or use an existing one) and authorize turboDial to operate in a subaccount of it

Do not use this option if your primary address is outside of North America or the United Kingdom.

\ This must be a paid Twilio account, not just a trial. Find more info here.
Click the "Authorize Twilio" button then follow the instructions to sign up for an account at Twilio. Or, if you already have a paid Twilio account you'll be able to sign in to it and authorize turboDial into it. If your existing Twilio account is a "Free" account you must upgrade it by installing a credit card.
When you sign up for your Twilio account you will need to provide a credit card and they will charge $20.00 to establish a pre-paid balance that your voice minutes and text messages will be charged against.

Install the "turboDial Linker" Extension In Your Browser

turboDial supports the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

1. Your turboDial Encrypted Key

When you first install the extension you need to enter a special encrypted key. Copy this key to your clipboard so it is available to paste into the field when you're asked for it:


2. Install the Extension

Your next step is to install the "turboDial Linker" extension.

If you're using Firefox then click the following link for the extension download site:
turboDial Linker Extension for Firefox

Clicking that link begins the installation of the extension. Click the "Add to Firefox" button and be sure to click "Allow" if Firefox asks for additional permission.

If you're using Chrome then click the following link for the extension download site:
turboDial Linker Extension for Chrome

That link takes you to the Chrome Webstore where the extension is installed. Click the "Add to Chrome" button and be sure to click "Allow" if Chrome asks for additional permission.

3. Activate the Extension

Now follow these steps to complete setup for the extension in Infusionsoft:
  1. Sign in to your Infusionsoft account. Or, if you are already signed in then go to any page in your Infusionsoft account and reload the browser.
  2. Click the green turboDial button that appears in the top menu bar. If the button doesn't appear in the top menu then look for it on any Infusionsoft Contact Record, next to the Contact name.
  3. Paste your turboDial encrypted key (from Step 1 above) into the window that appears and click submit. Wait for your Infusionsoft browser window to be reloaded.


4. Launch turboDial!

You should see the green turboDial button on your Contact Listings and Contact Records. You'll also see it in the same place for Opportunities.

When you click that button turboDial will launch! Login using your Infusionsoft ID and be sure to validate a Caller ID number as the very first thing you do in turboDial.

Now click Next to complete your signup!

Success with turboDial

Training Resources

Be sure to review the training resources available at http://support.turbodial.biz.


Your trial will continue for 2 weeks. Be sure to convert your trial into a subscription before your trial expires, or sooner if you need to authorize additional Users or acquire optional add-ons. You can use this link to start your subscription:

You'll also receive that link in an email.

Once you subscribe you can authorize additional Users into your turboDial account and you can upgrade turboDial with the available optional features.

Important Emails

You should have received three emails:
  1. Your turboDial management account details - review that email now.
  2. Your browser setup instructions - keep that email for the next time you need to install the turboDial Linker extension into a browser. You can also forward it to other people when you add authorized Users in your turboDial account (requires a subscription).
  3. Your turboDial subscription link. Save that email to use the included link to order a paid subscription to turboDial.

If you don't find those emails within a few minutes please look for them in all of your spam/junk folders.

That's it - time to launch and login to turboDial!