Email Address Capture Via SMS

With this feature turboDial can recognize a valid email address in an Inbound SMS text message, then save that email address into the Contact Record and trigger automation in your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder so you can automatically follow up with the new lead.

This feature is often used in conjunction with the Campaign SMS feature and the SMS Keywords feature in turboDial.

This feature is useful for gathering leads via SMS. Here’s are some examples:

  • Use online or offline advertising to ask prospects to “text your email address to <number>” and enable Email Capture via SMS on that Inbound Number: <number>. Design an Infusionsoft campaign to begin a marketing sequence when an Email Address is received.
  • Use a Home for Sale sign to advertise “text 720Sycamore to <number> for more details about this home” and setup 720Sycamore as an SMS Keyword in your turboDial account. When an SMS with that keyword is received use Infusionsoft automation to send a Campaign SMS back to the prospect asking them to reply with their email address. When they reply turboDial will save their email address and trigger your automation that follows up with the lead.

The Email Address Capture via SMS feature is available at no extra charge when you have the SMS Keywords feature active in your turboDial account.