Power Dial -

Who Needs Power Dial?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions…

  • Are you able to acquire more leads than you can pursue?
  • Do you need to connect to more humans and fewer voice mail systems?
  • Do you need multiple agents working the same list?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of those questions then Power Dial will make a huge impact to your calling campaigns!

If your business is like most then your calling agents reach answering systems on about 50% of calls.  Power Dial will slice that rate and deliver a 100% increase in the number of live conversations your agents achieve!

The Power Dial feature includes 2 key capabilities:

  • Simultaneous Calling: Achieve significantly more conversations by dialing multiple contacts simultaneously and connecting only to the first to answer.
  • Multi-Agent List Sharing: Allow a single Saved Search list to be simultaneously used by multiple calling Agents, with no risk of “colliding” where a Contact is called by more than one Agent.

Plus, when you have the Power Dial add-on you get this bonus feature:

  • List Auto-Sync: immediately update the turboDial copy of any Saved Search List whenever a Contact is added or removed from the List in Infusionsoft. This ensures your calling agents are always working with the latest copy of the List, and avoids the possibility of calling a Contact with the wrong offer.  Auto-Sync works for any List, with or without Power Dial enabled. See more about List Auto-Sync in your turboDial Management Account.
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When you add Power Dial to turboDial, your base subscription fee will not be changed but the fee for each User authorized in your turboDial account will be increased – this includes the first User and all Additional Users you’ve authorized.

The per-User fee for Power Dial is $5/month. So, for example if you have 3 total Users in turboDial (1 base and 2 additional) the Power Dial upgrade will increase your turboDial additional users subscription fee by $15.00 per month.

You can find the upgrade button in your account at .