turboDial System & Call Outcome Automation Campaign Setup – $1500

Please use the contact form on this site if you are interested in this service.

turboDial System & Call Outcome Automation Campaign Setup includes the following:

  • See the DFY Setup – Level 1 description. Those services are also included in this service
  • turboDial Staff will do this with you in a Joint Session (about .5 – 1.5 hours)
    • Design the Call Outcome process for your business. This includes the contact listings used to drive calling campaigns and the automatic actions that should be triggered for each type of call and call outcome.
  • turboDial Staff will do this for you offline
    • Determine the necessary Tags to be added to Infusionsoft
    • Create the saved searches used to drive turboDial based calling campaigns
    • Create and test a Call Outcome Automation campaign in Infusionsoft.
      • Includes Goal triggers, automatic movement between calling lists
      • Includes email messages ready for you to add copy content
    • Create up to 5 additional Saved Reports (10 total)
  • turboDial Staff will hold 2 final joint sessions with you (about 1 hour each)
    • Create up to 2 additional Dashboard Panels (4 total)
    • Review and demonstrate turboDial functionality in your Infusionsoft account
    • Review the on-line help and guide resources that you can use to achieve competency in managing your turboDial system
    • Review and demonstrate the functional design of the Call Outcome Automation campaign in Infusionsoft
  • Joint sessions will be scheduled for weekdays between the hours of 7 AM to 3 PM North American Central time
  • In some cases, you may be notified during the first joint session that the complexity of your Call Outcome processes is greater than what can be reasonably implemented with this service and an additional charge may be required, at a rate of $200/hour.
  • Note: turboDial DFY services do not include any consulting that is not directly related to your use of turboDial. You must already have become oriented in the use of Infusionsoft and turboDial DFY services are not able to substitute for the Infusionsoft training you need to make good use of Infusionsoft in your business. Please use Infusionsoft’s training resources and services for that purpose.